UG CARGO is an International logistic company based in Istanbul, Turkey. With more than Twenty years of experience in providing logistic solutions (Marine, Air, domestic transportation), FCL and LCL. In recent years we have grown, not only in size but also in the scope of our operations. We offer the conduct of legal and customs transactions, the issuance of certificates of origin and the EUR-1 certificate. We help our clients to reach reliable companies, finding of the best goods and products, in order to help the client, save time and effort while receiving the best customer service experience. With the help of our highly trained and professional team, we guarantee providing an excellent shipping and receiving services, with closely monitored checkup process, to verify the quality of the goods and products. Also with the help of our team we became one of the most important logistic companies with partners in: EGYPT, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, SAUDI ARABIA, LEBANON, QATAR, ALGERIA, SYRIA